art is not just instinctive but more than that the search for meaning to adjust to our cosmic understanding of the deeper unity in truth and beauty that is part of the process of understanding the cosmic wholeness



non conventional painting 1994 (study)

At first I did not believe the plane as a way according to the things that can foster a more innovative creations fresh, and therefore tried to liberate not to paint the picture plane in a flat field.
The process of formation of paintings followed, crashing, delete, or even a motion merusaki irregular curved surfaces, holes that can be played in such aspects with the more liberal, meaning there is no attachment to paint something / anything and anyone, except play around the not afraid of what the results were.

Departing from distrust in conventional fields and also the desire to break free from certain objects and experiences of nature, then finally save a painting that is not flat ground again.
According to Fajar Sidik, limits creativity for painting (Subroto Sm, SANI, 1982: 11):
a. Exploitation of line and color as the basic elements of painting (no pelukisannya properties).
b. Dimension is still lead to the disclosure of the nature of two-dimensional.
c. Painting is only viewed from the side / direction only, not as a statue which is seen from all directions.
d. Have aesthetic value and creative.

In the process of creating that time” which will form by itself, not infrequently there is a failure or confusion before the image appears something tasty to proceed. Lots going dialogue with materials and desire a long and complicated, because each piece has a different technical problems than previous works.

02.komposisi ii 05. komposisi ke-3 (le sacre du printemps) 08. komposisi iv (lintah) 15. mangkok pecah



Could it be the color red means blood, maybe not, or blue as the sea and freedom, is the coolness of tree foliage green, brown ground finish feels smell the rain, black grief and misery. How streaks, streaks chaotic, tempelas, cracked, or whatever there is always unfold as we’ve ever seen before?

This should all be explained only by the hard line of the two lines, as the daily planned or not, it occurred or off; kind of object, condition, activity, and anything you have ever seen by the eye, ear heard, touched hands, kissed his nose, tongue tasted, touched think I will use today and I am always confident it will go away in such a manner as desired, always flowing express themselves on any media to be born and there.

Do not know why sometimes designed in such a way that only a limited time left start, the rest of the ‘process’ more movement embodies the turmoil that is inside that can give meaning, signs, voicing the words without the letter, which did not shout off by mouth.

Semasih no spirit to continue, the added confidence and increasingly became clear I tell you what it is as I fear, joy, despair, play around, joke, satire, misery or something that may not be able to clearly missed.

Hopefully I’m doing will survive intact if only he could whisper softly, at least for myself rather than not doing anything.

=b01.cover halaman. kebakaran di atas equator 07. ozon bolong 08. pengumuman 12. terbakar dari belakang


uncolour anymore

Truly versatile unlimited everything, wherever I see it reflected real amazement, began to reveal themselves seem inability symptoms, the incidence of which has probably forgotten.

Not just the eyes of record, the whole body vibrates and the legs could not support the weight of the aesthetic moment weathered unrelenting.

For the exhibition this time I threw a small theme ‘It’s Not Colored Again’ which of the many who displayed an experience this year was revealed to the media that we’ve seen in the alley alley, street corner, the courtyard that would have been familiar.

Definition of “colorless” is not called an alignment of the not berpigman, but rather refers to the direction of something that we are now almost forgotten or set aside. Due to the assumption of this age it is no longer a value equivalent to the level of civilization that he is now more civilized.

Seed will still grow even though crushed stone, writhing life of the early provision included up to find sunlight flicker, like a dialogue between childhood friends are telling, as we also live life fearlessly anyway though! Actually we do not know for sure that tomorrow we can still move.

About Nature In The Concept

Starting from the nature of everything, whether it be objects, events, dialogue and others are already in motion nature itself. He’s not just black and white so alone but its dimensions terraced rich shades.

I understand the first natural patterns of events that steady, second nature is defined by a variety of motion events that suddenly comes up with no plan.

About How It Works

Of seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting will have a special meaning according to who is going to translate it. I also have a reference reality may be different from the understanding of others.

The way I normally work with each other to fill the void, the treatment is often not ‘real’ because it was constructed by the thoughts of yesterday to complete the signs, symbols, as already past.

But often that is not through the will of a clear sequence, as if all the reams suddenly mounting and must be reworded; when it means I have to work it out for no reason except that I was active, so enjoy while not also feel more super or feel sick.


Of the work as long as there is a trend toward objects around both products factory, garbage, tree felling, and so will give you the meanings attached to the object itself; side by side, to get a structure with another.

Meaning itself is a momenuntuk continue to completion, such as belief in my search for something. The objects that I set will be put towards environmental awareness / life where we live.

=b01.cover halaman. sudah tidak berwarna lagi 4a. artefak iii 12.  gagal bentuk i =c01.halaman belakang. bingkisan iv


installation art

door 105 (in a joint exhibition of “art without the frame1997)

is a marker area between inside and outside, in the cool or warm air conditioned comfortable. Being outside is always scorching hot or freezing cold. I invite you to go out maybe even for a moment, because there have openness and feels real.

=a01 cover halaman. pintu 103 =a01.halaman belakang 5


Environmental Art “Derita Cuaca”

Man-made imbalance sufficient that would damage the existing ecological / human is often too far trying to be a regulator of the earth without knowing the rules.
-Man is only a small part of the complicated tangle consisting of a variety of life who all have the right to participate.

A.Ide Creation
-The disappearance of one species of bird (weaverbird) which will damage existing ecosystems which means there is a termination of the food chain.
-Shrinking of open land for development
-The disappearance of some types of creatures so that other living growing uncontrollably
-From now maintain the remaining for is no longer possible to restore habitat that once existed.

Embodiment B.Bentuk
-Respect for the land open / wild as one:
1.Resapan / water tank
2.Salah one green spot remaining
3.Menumbuhkan back wildlife habitat cooperation has also helped build the earth.

Land A.Melintasi
-Built footpath / bund across the land toward some object / work.
-Objects are made of natural ingredients.
-What grows and dies, orderly or random is part of the unity.
Visual B.Bentuk
-Work that can float on water.
-Bebera plant seedlings.
-Inserts objects among the reeds

Understanding associated with rainy weather or not these days that provide some form of action which allows to be done whether or not a human activity. There is always a mismatch in group or another personal example occurred rain is a blessing and it’s also because it is based on personal interests or groups that need it.

Contradiction above were each still wants natural phenomenon as they wish as human being on earth without knowing the regulatory rules of nature, in terms of human nature has acted as a regulator of the earth without knowing the rules of nature, the natural thing was to act according to levels has given him. Humans tend to be out of line trying to meet the needs of self-sufficient, let’s say a tragedy insecticide DDT is perhaps is still haunting. Has not subsided was coupled with polichlorinated polibrominated polychlorinated biphenyls PCBs and the United Nations, such as the heavy metal pollution of tin, lead or even the oil spill in the sea, all in the name of technology as well as scapegoat because very few technologies that have been created not also provide an ‘antidote’ safe for life.
Of the remaining land in the campus complex ‘Wilwatikta’ certainly gives me an idea of ​​respect for the earth is the only place to stay all living organisms which also helped maintain the continuity of life itself. Land comprising shrubs, grasses, weeds, puddles of water, freshwater fish, birds, insects, reptiles, trees shrubs, which form a series of frog braid the simplest to the most complex. Imagine they were ignored humans apparently greater role to form a sphere of life and we know that without them the earth is just a lump of inert mineral that does not contain oxygen and air.

All living organisms, including humans only ‘embedded’ in a thin layer called the biosphere on land is limited to the root of a tree that grows deepest in the ocean just as deep as 150 meters, including complex with soil, sun, air and water, also that man is only a small part of the complicated tangle consisting of a variety of life who all have a right to the earth.

Technically I will show for putting on wild habitats and ecosystems certainly seemed cooperation has also helped build the earth. You will be our (me and wild land) take down the embankment of the beneficiaries of the surrounding unspoilt by showing several objects / works on the land there are of course made of natural materials that can decompose.

ART participatory

Participation is one of the formats of cooperation toward building a claim form involving other subjects as a mediator of expressing the will. Participation here focuses on nature as a symbol of subjects intermediaries exist and are inextricably linked to form a complementary environment of each region needs to make that no longer ‘independent’ against itself.

Today’s accident
Modern mindset requires specialization level, which means there is a path that should not be exceeded for each skill will be squaring the subject to something familiar. Symbol of modernity is a departure technology to create easiness and produce goods as quickly and as much human desire. Easiness that create more shape human nature to embrace all without the continuous efforts, loss of process stages that must be passed as a single entity that has been dumped absolute. Practicality brings with it a disease that does not go away with the ability of plastics, insecticides, fuel and a variety of instant products ready to be presented in front of the eyes. Various sectors of life without art only exception has been invaluable rupiah, the audience no longer be able to enjoy art as a means of shedding inner blockages except menyumbangkesenian itself to still be present. Performers themselves begin to not trust the individual rights of expression as a whistleblower.

Wisdom of the Past
Life of the people (non-aristocratic) never took off one by one on the relationship of daily living. Art found in fear or being thankful; meaning between art, everyday life and religion can not be separated, no pengunggulan the human race. They are closely related to the cosmos that surrounds though without any right of ‘breaking’ the limit all forms of life, including himself interplay in a complex interaction with land, air, and water. Unspoken fear in ceremonies as well as offerings of gratitude uttered with humble and to all of it without any exploitative rights.
Old society save more vocabulary on the ambiguous symptoms in life. They are always working on the little things that contribute to the nature of individual consciousness undertake personal ability of expression that would become a universal consciousness.

Artistic participation is not
Art should not be interpreted as an object which seemed alone, art yangbaik always assume truth values. He is nothing but a manifestation of the invisible world because of the man himself appeared wadag to keep spirits.
Art no longer be valuable even to be exalted ivory tower, he’s part of the daily habits culprit is not just uprooted. Art is not necessary because the artistic arrangement. Arranged such that the look is formal beauties with balance balance rules the western world.
An artistic composition is a limitation / definition experience on any of the object while the reality is very open terrain real and primary. Art is a metaphor not just verbal language, namely the use of vocabulary is not as literal statements, metaphors will guide us to a place that actually say something, its meaning lies in what it does is when we are forced to find meaning for themselves which is analogous to the implied by the metaphor.
Shall preclude the movement of artistic imagination to uncover ‘things’ on the outside, not because of how artistic and framing always throw the categories that have been made by himself or erase its own concept of the essence of reality.
Art is nothing but an expression of the participation of individuals who grow up in a balanced natural environment that is the offender is no other art form in which human nature itself ecologically and the culprit will not feel creative form of art objects for personal need to avoid him turned out to support and be supported by natural surroundings. So there is no autonomous rights for actors creating an art object as the object of the patient. Art created by none other than unity to reveal the existence of the universe.

=b.cover halaman =c.penutup halaman 01a 01c 03a 03c



Real incident more telling about a depiction of motion will vitalist life itself. Leave it without much interference of civilization to be organized into a composition that is a contradiction that should not be imposed. Contrast occurs is the process itself fosters unity of meaning.
Art is not necessary because of the arrangement, which reveal a limited balance as artistic composition is a barrier to any experience of the object, whereas the reality is very real and open primary. Artistic art moves forward akanmenutup likely to reveal things” outside it, not because of how he was always throwing and framing the categories that have been made ​​by himself or delete conception of the essence of reality.

01. replika i 02a. kuburan 03a. untuk hari ini 05a. ambruk 06a. kebrukan



1. Ba.ta. n. 1 rectangular shaped like a small box or crate salt; 2, clay, stirring until smooth and then printed, dried and then burned (used to make walls, etc.); bricks.
Big Indonesian Dictionary, Second Edition, Dictionary Development Team, Development, and Language Development Centre Ministry of Education and Culture, Balai Pustaka, 1997, p. 97.

Art is not just a form of expression which is dominated by sophisticated, disguises symbols, signs are wrapped, in short art tend to forbid the ways technological and practical skills as a method of disclosure.

So that stagnation occurs in a way that revealed itself was framed at the level of intuitive and expressive, beyond that such as mathematical calculations and informative are ignored because they tend to be non-imaginative.

Since Duchamp threw “Fountain” (1916) marked R. Mutt (place a piece of piss) become more diverse artistic openness that anything done by an artist undoubtedly it is a work of art (Art as Idea as Idea), behind it is also implied that the form of the work is no longer just in terms of who makes it.
Containing art skills which included knowledge, tips and experience for the course, which aims to explain a particular meaning. In the American Heritage dictionary:
“…. Harmony of color or form excellence of craftsmanship truthfulness, originality, or another, unspecifiable Often property … “
So it does not mean just beautiful / wonderful fun but can be important and valuable. On The Dictionary of Art:
“Art the skill, technique, or manipulation roomates is organized and communicable, and is culturally transmitted, it is the means by roomates the creating artist, through his work, is united with a receptive audience.”
Jugaseni interwoven with enthusiasts, human environment and society are willing to accept, does not mean that art is only for certain circles apart from society.

This is where the red bricks that you want to provide an alternative which is no longer displayed using emotional way (symbols and signs), as a form of information as much as possible as plainly stated to be even cooler, cleaner and informative mathematical remain cultivated in order to avoid misunderstanding. Bagaimanahubungan works of art as personal expression? Art does not have to be too personal but communal intensity and ability to have someone or a group to be shown in full display as a whole; intensity is no longer quite as stylish or refer to the thread that has been dianggapsebagai technical physical appearance, but he is part of a person with a complexity of thought , perspectives, customs and others that memakna overall meaning of creation.

-A kind of art do not have the emotional, expressive and intuitive, meaning it could be a full disclosure of how mathematical calculations or informative.
-What about originality? For me chastity is no longer a priority for an expression of art. The form can also synthesize the incorporation of some expression and honesty of the statement to be thrown into the audience.
-Defining the intact and provide a form of freedom of the object to be understood by the audience as
Penginformasian back brick-red object with a variety of both common sense perspective to the particular case.

On the red brick is not really a subject matter, such as the completeness of the manufacturing process and its use is known to be informed a whole (real objects, drawings, photographs, understanding dictionaries etc.).

01. cover halaman  03 04 06 12 1402. penutup halaman


Youth Center has undergone a shift in the function, I am more likely to blame’ those who used to spread the idealization patron which is now no longer provide a solid foundation as role models so that the embryo will follow the motion haltingly until the loss of the first ever sounded.

Tower will be made to remind the audience that supposedlysupposedly lived there as a means of gathering various voltage ideal discourse at the time. Now a memory. Youth center no longer be autonomous moralists to put forward creative ideas, now no more than hang out for those who are lonely, and that anyway! There, just a romantic primitive hordes always displayed next to a mass product that actually has an interest in the materialistic desires (paradoxical).

Wise enough when we left the Youth Center on conditions like this because after all the bags will grow as a duplicate event that allows the subjects were able to move to another subject in a comparable capacity are willing to chasing the particular acceleration.

Point tower built in the head’ as an orientation call, a memorial to some of the activities below that are architecturally therein lies the Youth Center page orientation (rotate ads) at an angle of 12.5 ° to the azimuth.

Expansion of the field of 4900 cm2 is the enlargement of the institution rectangular area 700 cm2 which refers to the height of the existing rotary ad is 700 cm. Formation booths spiral motion roundabout follow the existing two levels. Audience invited along each roncetan wall (horizontally and vertically), floor-to-toe as the tower so the (face of local conditions and weather) to the accompaniment of the sounds and movements of nature responsive. Lane cul de sac did not give the audience a chance to turn around, but remember nostalgically on romance ever growing.

03.cover halaman 07b



Artis notjustartistic, artencompasses allactivity beyond theart itself. Healsois a form ofa long processaccompanyingare putting the final appearanceofanartobject.
Discard many artistic vocabulary created by itself for all activities and traces of life. So art is a form of life that continues to writhe with all existing devices [participatory] without previously constructed by keterukuran.
For me art is a personal expression of event that can not be compromised on anything except for itself evokes excitement continued lifeworkmanship as part of a unified chain of more life saving vocabulary that could not be expressed but has revealed the ambiguous facts that have been done.

Explanation of the work that will be nominated
Title: two hours away we go [installation]
Size; 600 x1200 x500 cm
Years; 2001
Materials; paint, fabric, bamboo, and plastic

Entirely follow the trail in front of the leaders across multiple vertical space [unmarked by black yellow sidewalk].
All flew from some on the right, left and center. When we enter from the [boundary between the inner space and outer space] we came across a booth in front of the two hours away we goin which there has been a mass procession arakkan are set to follow their leaders were masked and white-gloved hand is smiling.
And when we are finished enjoying up into then turned back and read through the transparent plastics them in flight is
Only just said the word only numbers just numbers only …..

01.cover halaman  02b. karya cahyo basuki yopi 03b 05 0702a.halaman belakang


Creation, or recreation, super or not also cause pain
All went menjumputi long trail that may be seen or remembered
There is no certainty either color or shape picture Just stay to continue

Re depiction of objects scattered to be styled without having a symbolic meaning, except allowing openness in each enjoying its structure.

h3k-tiga topeng-c h7k-pregnant-c h8k-sleeping beauty-c h10k-artefak-c h12k-artefakII-c h16k-perahu putih-c h18k-sandal jepit-c h21k-melepas burung-c h22k-merah berbaring-c h23k-kaki putih-c h27k-objek putih-c h29k-c h30k-pohon kuning-c h31k-sream and white three-c

h33k-c h34k-c h35k-c h36k-c h37k-c h38k-dinding biru-c h39k-c h41k-objek I-c h44k-c h48k-c h50k-standing by the river I-c h51k-standing by the river II-c h55k-untitled-c h59k-moment III-c h61k-potret kabur II-c


It is a symbol of life“, through this work, he want to show that adversity is part of the beauty of life, signifies that spear hujaman woes“.

indicates that misery can be a joy, This thing is miserable because punctured, but instead of that he put out light,”. It means no less a person actually looks more radiant / known and mean when he’s dead.